The truth about rogue planet Nibiru where is it now located?

People love the dark prophecies. As if their comfort in the inevitability of the end of the world. But this prophecy not be true. Many popular ideas of our time are based on incorrect science and non-existent evidence. Take, for example, the planet Nibiru. They say that there is a mysterious planet that revolves around our Sun, but is somewhere on the outskirts of the Solar system. And they say that she flies to Earth, to face her. When will this happen?

Nibiru: latest news

According to the conventional story, once Nibiru will crash into the planet, either will be close enough to her to cause various natural disasters and put an end to human civilization. But at the moment, Nibiru is pure fiction. Think about it: how can you hide such a big body? If it were, we would have seen traces of her presence throughout the Solar system. We found the most distant planets Neptune and Uranus more than two hundred years ago, telescopes have since become much more powerful. Moreover, you should know that all the planets a long time ago to go on the same circle in its orbit — so if Nibiru existed for many billions of years it would already “cleared” a path.

The relative sizes of the planets of the Solar system

Well, well. For example, Nibiru is moving in an unusual orbit. Still, if this were so, we would have seen the evidence. Long before astronomers found Neptune (in 1846), they suspected that somewhere out there, beyond the last line, should be a big planet. Why? Because observers of the night sky seen that the Uranium is continuously deviates from the expected orbit. Of mathematics suggested that this is because it is affected by a large planet nearby. And you know what? This mysterious planet was a gas giant, which we now call Neptune.

The end of the world from Nibiru: to wait or not?

Now back to Nibiru. If it exists, it would have affected the other planets in our Solar system — as Neptune once. Astronomers are not stupid and they understand right away that if the motion of the planet does not correspond to the calculations in the equation should be something else. And the more Nibiru is the size of Jupiter or more — the more impact it should have on the entire Solar system. Because the more massive a planet is, the stronger its gravitational influence. Read more about how gravity and weightlessness.

So arranged the Solar system

If you look at the Solar system from “above”, today all the planets from Venus to Neptune revolve as if on a platter in the same plane. But astronomer David Morrison said that if something like Nibiru passes by Earth approximately every 3600 years, its gravity would be shot down part of the planet with meals, in violation of the order. And, if Nibiru really existed, she would have “stolen” from the Earth to the moon many years ago.

And here’s the latest proof: the Solar system is very big. The planets move in their orbits with great speed, but still relatively slow, so even if Nibiru is getting close, we would have seen it at least a couple of years before the collision. Conclusion: Nibiru is a myth. Do not be fooled, you now have an accurate scientific picture. Much more interesting is that scientists got on the trail of the ninth planet in the Solar system — read, like go find her now.