The quadcopter for the first time equipped with mechanical hands, but what good is that?

Unmanned aerial vehicles are mainly equipped with cameras for video recording from a great height, and the police models there is a net for catching flying in the wrong places quadcopters. A small company Youbionic decided to go ahead and experiment with the possibilities of flying device — it is equipped with mechanical arms that can lift objects and transport them to other places. To collect such a “helper” can each only need the quadcopter, servos and a 3D printer.

The founder of the company is Federico Youbionic Cicalese — it is known that sells the STL files for printing a bionic hand on a 3D printer. Subsequently, from the printed parts, you can assemble a real prosthesis missing arm, or create an extra limb.

Mechanical hand for drones — why they are needed?

Recently, the master of 3D print has created a set of files “Drone for Handy”, which allows you to print two mechanical arms and a plastic frame, by means of which they can be attached to almost any quadcopter. To bring the limbs in motion, users are required to equip their eleven servos and to connect to hardware platform Arduino Nano to send commands through the control panel.

According to the developer, a quadcopter with two hands can be used to transport objects. For example, if the man forgot the car keys in his office, he can send in a drone that will pick them up and bring them to the right place. Most interesting is that the Assembly of this application does not require large cash expenses: the servo can be found for 150 rubles, and Arduino Nano for 2000 rubles.

The company has demonstrated the ability of quadcopter to pick up items in the video below, however, it can be seen that the fingers do not have enough mobility to tightly squeeze the jar of chips. Probably why she invested in a plastic bag and kept close with two fingers. Also doubt the capacity of the device — it depends on the reliability of the hands and power of the quadrocopter.

The founder media group Mikhail Korolev recognized for video quadrocopter Parrot AR.Drone, and shared his opinion:

You can take a cheap drone, to print on a 3D printer, buy the servos for a few dollars and Arduino to control via remote with the button “squeeze hand” — not difficult, but fun. I think with these heavy hands it flies a maximum of two minutes, and to raise items not can. For the basics taken too weak quadcopter.

Of course, the weakness of the device is connected only with the fact that she is going almost improvised. More professional devices like quadcopters Uber, can even deliver the food. More information can be read in our material.