The bees have started to build nests entirely from plastic waste

The amount of plastic waste on the Earth has reached catastrophic proportions, and this is evidenced by even the behavior of bees. In 2013, scientists found that some bees collect polyurethane and polyethylene, together with natural materials to use to build their nests. Now the situation has become even worse in Argentina for the first time in history, was found a bees nest created entirely out of plastic trash.

The researchers found the plastic socket in a special bee “hotels”, which are structures in the form of hollow tubes, in which insects are unable to build shelters for their young. In nature places for the construction of such nests become cavities, which must be cleaned from dirt, leaves and tree resin.

In Australia found a bee’s nest of plastic

Examining one of the nests with three separate cells, the researchers found that it is entirely composed of fine light blue plastic. It is clearly unsafe for insects, because inside one of the cells were found dead larva, and the other contained a dead adult. The third cell was still unfinished.

The first case when the researchers found a fully plastic socket, sounds and looks like a fragment from a dystopian novel. Probably due to global contamination of the planet, the bees began to adapt to the new conditions and to look formaterials for the construction of dwellings.

Plastic protect bees from harmful substances

It may well be that the bees have started using plastic is not due to lack of natural materials and due to its protective properties. In the nearby from the place of discovery of nests of the fields has been used is detrimental to insects, herbicides, and plastic could protect bees from harmful substances are better than leaves and tiny branches.

Anyway, a new discovery was another reminder that the planet is in a very dangerous situation. It also once again proved the ingenuity of bees,it is time to stop doubting — these insects even understand what “zero”.

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