Saber-toothed tigers were stronger than previously thought

The purpose of the huge fangs of saber-toothed tigers a long time is the cause of disputes between different scientists. Some researchers believe that the ancient cat killed his victims only with sharp claws and fangs were only used for piercing their soft necks. Other scholars believe that the canines was so strong that it could break bones — recently they had a very convincing evidence of his theory.

Recently in the scientific journal Comptes Rendus Palevol, published the results of a study in which of the skull saber-toothed tiger were found, punctures, presumably made by the teeth of his own kind. Discovered the holes have a circular shape, and diameter match the dimensions of the fangs of saber-toothed tigers.

Fangs of the saber-toothed tiger could pierce the skull

This discovery reveals two interesting facts about the ancient cats. First, their fangs could really be a strong and deadly weapons, and secondly, they were arranging battle. This behavior can be seen even in modern predators of cats, such as leopards, Cougars, cheetahs, and Panthers.

Judging by the found skulls, saber-toothed tigers bites were not always fatal. On one of the sample hole located on the top of the nose, between the eyes on the skull clearly were under huge pressure, but the owner obviously survived the attack.

Perhaps, paleontologists are not right

Meanwhile, some researchers treat new theories with great skepticism. According to them, the holes could be made by the fangs of other large carnivores of those times like huge bears. Also they could leave the claws of the giant sloth, megathere, hooves or other animal.

However the shape and General features of damage most similar to the impact of the fangs of saber-toothed tigers. The researchers there are another confirmation of his theory — previously found fossils of ancient armadillos showed that saber-toothed cats killed them with their strong fangs.

For many it may be big news that the fossilized form takes on only a tiny part of the bones of ancient animals. To become a fossil, bodies the necessary special conditions, which you can read in our material.

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