In the United States discovered one of the largest reserves of fresh water

In the 1970-ies, during the search of fossil fuels beneath the Atlantic ocean, oil companies often run across the fresh water. These findings hinted at the fact that somewhere under the salty water of the so-called aquifer, which in future could become a huge source of drinking water. Until now, scientists did not have accurate data on the size of the hidden underground water reserves, but after ten years of research, the mystery finally revealed — the aquifer extends along almost the entire North-Eastern coast of the United States.

The discovery was made thanks to a team of researchers headed by marine geologist Chloe Gustafson. The study was initiated in the year 2015, the researchers scanned the coast of new Jersey and the island of Martha’s vineyard by means of an electromagnetic receiver vessel Marcus G. Langseth. To map the location of water helped greater conductivity of salt water, unlike fresh.

The largest reserves of fresh water

It turned out that the freshwater stretch from Massachusetts to new Jersey, and the affect of Delaware, new York , Connecticut, and Rhode island. Having 350-km length, the reservoir contains 2.8 cubic kilometers of low salinity water. The presence of salt is particularly noticeable from the top, closer to the bottom of the ocean before drinking such water, it must desalinate.


Underground reserves could be formed 15-20 million years ago, during the melting of the glaciers, and tidal current underwater sources. Their area can be more — hidden freshwater may accumulate in the North-Eastern part of the Atlantic continental shelf of the United States. If this is true, then scientists have discovered the largest known aquifers in the world.

Area with water reserves highlighted in yellow

Such a repository may exist all over the world — at the moment people simply have not found them. For example, sometime they can be found under such hot and dry places like California and Australia. In the future, the discoveries of scientists can solve the problem of shortage of fresh water.

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