How to take off and land the space truck Space Rider?

Almost all space equipment is worth millions of dollars and is disposable — that’s why companies Blue Origin and SpaceX seriously undertook the creation of reusable rockets, and brought them into reality. In the same way the aims and efforts of the European space Agency ESA, which outlined a reusable capsule that can deliver into orbit different types of cargo safely back to Earth and be reused.

Reusable capsule called the Space Rider, and is essentially a new version of the device Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle, which has demonstrated its reusability in 2015. Updated unit follows the same concept, but unlike the previous versions were multi-purpose cargo Bay, landing gear for landing on runways and streamlined design that can withstand at least five flights.

Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle after a stay in Earth orbit

ESA created a reusable cargo spacecraft

To launch the capsule, it is planned to use the rocket Vega-C will be attached to the upper stage AVUM +, which will get power supply at 600 watts. In the cargo hold there is a place for 800 pounds of scientific equipment, and 1200 litres of volume for liquids. Basically, the capsule will play the role of a scientific laboratory, opening cargo Bay and guiding equipment to the side, where the purpose of the study.

The research mission can last up to two months after the expiration of this period, the capsule can return to Earth. Of course, before returning it will adjust the entry angle into the atmosphere, and after you log in, you will deploy the parachute and pull the chassis for a soft landing on the runway. After returning, the old equipment will be replaced with a new one, and launch into orbit the same capsule.

The device has already passed a preliminary assessment and thorough testing of the systems will be conducted at the end of 2019. Space Agency ESA hopes as soon as possible to find and eliminate all possible problems, and to carry out the first launch of the Space Rider in 2022.