Dirty products can cause death from meningitis

The need for washing fruits and vegetables before consumption is not without reason — they may be microbes, or even slugs and snails. In the countries of South-East Asia and Hawaii, these tiny creatures especially dangerous, because they can be infected by the nematode Angiostrongylus cantonensis, which penetrate into the brain and cause inflammation — this causes the death of people. Recently in the state of Hawaii the dangerous disease have been infected with three tourists.

These cases announced by the representatives of the Center for disease control CDC — they recorded three cases of infection, and one of them occurred due to eating raw slugs. Most likely, it was eaten accidentally, along with unwashed products, however, there are cases when slugs have eaten on a dare. After entering the human body, the parasite reached the brain and caused meningitis.

Slugs unwashed products deadly

According to the CDC, at this point effective method to cure infection with the parasite does not exist. Slugs become infected with them by eating rat feces — no wonder he is called “a parasite of rats.” Organisms in rodents, the parasites are introduced when eating infected slugs — that is, the disease spreads over one very nasty round.

At the moment the authorities of the Hawaiian Islands to inform travelers about the need to eat only clean food with the help of signs. Also, they should conduct a thorough work on informing indigenous people — the number of fatalities can be reduced this way.

Dare for unwashed foods

Statistics says that in 2017 due to the parasite in the state killed 2 people. A year later, that number had grown to 10 employees — because such a sharp jump in public health officials and raised the alarm. Infected snails were found even in Florida, so the researchers believe they can reach many other countries. The reason for the proliferation is considered to be a gradual climate change.

Some parasites can so capture the brains of his victims that turn them into real “zombies”. For example, larvae of some wasps taking over the body of spiders and use them to develop in a safe environment. More information can be read in our material.

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