Created a self-healing material that will ensure longevity of the Shoe

Mass pollution of the planet with plastic waste is that in case of breakage of items, people immediately throw them away. According to researchers from the University of Texas Lamar, to solve this environmental problem by creating a self-healing material, which increases their service life. It seems that they succeeded — they have recently created and demonstrated to the subject, which once damaged will self-heal its structure through ensuing inside the resin.

Yes, inside a 3D printed object printer really has a tank with liquid resin. It has a very useful property to harden under ultraviolet light — if the subject of solid resin suddenly there is a crack emanating from within the resin immediately repairs.

Material will prolong the service life of items

At its core, the technology resembles the way the blood comes to the surface wounds on the skin, it fills in and hardens. At the moment there is only one minus — for polymerization of the resin requires a fairly large amount of ultraviolet light, so to restore the structure have to use an external source. The researchers want to improve the technology to such an extent that the curing of the resin even enough sunlight.


If the material can satisfy all the requirements of researchers, it is hoped that in the future it will be used when creating many items are often broken. For example, it will create durable eyeglass frames or soles for shoes. Increasing their service life can be achieved that the items will be less likely to jump out and contaminate the environment.

Working to create self-healing materials is a long time. For example, in 2018, engineers from mit have created a material that is able to be repaired under the influence of carbon dioxide. More about this can be read in our material.