Why to use VPN is so important in 2019

In the modern world few people do not think about their safety online. Not surprising, since the technological corporations often give a reason for that — all these accusations around Facebook and Microsoft to gather and sell the data, even the quiet user will make a little paranoid. Cybercrime is also growing rapidly, and begin to develop ways to protect themselves.

Many have seen the news that the major US Telecom companies accused of selling location data of its users to commercial enterprises. The truth is that the more time we spend online and the more we “live” on the Internet, the higher the probability of becoming the next victim. Cybercriminals are well motivated and are often ahead of the technological progress. In an effort to steal personal data, correspondence and money from Bank cards, they use very sophisticated means to collect user data.

The worst thing about this is that you probably do not know that you have become a victim of hackersuntil your Bank account starts to appear strange transaction, your card will not be blocked or when your friend will not notice that your account in social networks began to live my life.

Therefore, in the digital paranoia is not surprising! The Internet is not only a storehouse of incredible resources, but also a hotbed of crime. However, there are many ways to protect yourself from malicious activities. One of the most popular is the use of a virtual private network or, as it is called for short, VPN.

We often do reviews of VPN services, because we understand how useful they are. Whether you are looking for the best VPN for your smartphone, or even a free VPN for the computer virtual private network will come to the rescue in all situations.

What is VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a digital “tunnel” that securely connects your device to a remote server with optional encryption. All traffic that you send from the device is routed through this virtual secure tunnel, protecting the gadget from almost any kind of espionage, surveillance or hacking.

At the same time, your IP address is masked and replaced with the IP address provided by the VPN (one of the tens of thousands) that provides additional security by hiding your location and identity.

Why is VPN so important?

The best way to answer this question is to study various cases in which a VPN may be useful to you.

When you’re not home

Maybe you often work in a cafe, at the station or in the lobby. Free Wi-Fi is great, but there are a number of risks. Anyone can create such a network, and what you will accept for “official” public Wi-Fi actually can be a fake network that is attacking the device with malware.

Cyber criminals are just waiting for when people get online and provide them with all banking details, credit card numbers, passwords and more. However, if you use VPN, you can safely connect to public Wi-Fi.

VPN is so secure that nobody can see your personal information or intercept it. No one, including network operators, as well as any cyber criminals or bots. As if you do not sign up to the network at all.

When you want more freedom

Another scenario — when you are in China, Russia or other countries that routinely block access to web sites. In this case, use VPN to mask your IP address and select the server any other country.

When you watch foreign content

Want to watch the latest TV series on Netflix from the USA, which will never appear in Russia? VPN will allow you to do this — again, at the IP address that masks your location and allows you to bypass geoblocking.

This allows you to easily signing in to your service like “” to view desired content.

When you spy

There are many government organizations and large private firms (including even your ISP), who have the formal credentials (or unofficial) to access your data. And Yes, this includes such tech giants as Google and Facebook.

Regardless of whether they use their tools to sell your data to advertisers or scan the mail, in fact you are being followed every time you go online.

However, turn on VPN and you get an extra level of protection from prying eyes. Of course, a sophisticated and targeted “spy” can access your data, and in this case, but you will definitely minimize the opportunity for different organizations to Snoop on you. Even if you have nothing to hide! We all want to be able to be incognito online.

How to choose a VPN

This is just some of the reasons to use a VPN, and the market there are many services that offer speed, privacy, security and the features you need. There have been entire websites devoted to this theme, which already has selected the best services based on the feedback of real users.

Just register to any service, upload your app or extension, and you will be protected from prying eyes and malicious attacks, next time you are online.