What would the merger of neutron stars “nearby” from the Earth?

If two dense neutron stars collided would be relatively close to the Ground, the resulting celonova shone day and night with brightness of the moon, condensed into a small point. “At night it would be the brightest spot in the sky,” says physicist Imre Bartos of the University of Florida in Gainesville, who described how it will look this bright explosion, in a study published on may 7 arXiv.org.

The first such surge of light and energy of particles seen in real time, I wanted to focus in 2017, after physicists have detected gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars. This discovery, which occurred 130 million light years away and was visible only in a telescope, proved that kilanova sprayed the Universe with heavy elements: gold, silver, platinum and uranium.

Looks like a blast bulanovoi the Earth

Although it is unlikely that kilanova appears nearby in the near future, one of them appeared at a distance of about 1000 light years from where Earth is situated now. However, it was for 80 million years before formed the Solar system. This event has populated the Solar system, elements of which comprise our planet.

“We wanted to visualize, which means that distance,” says Bartos. They changed the spectrum of light emitted by bulanovoi 2017, as if it appeared only 1000 light years from us. First, it would be the bluish color, but would become red in a few days — the fragments of bulanovoi the stars would be fading bluish light waves. After about a week Bulanovoj will not.

According to the estimates of astrophysicists, celonova born so close to Earth only once in 100 million years. Therefore, it is unlikely we will see such. But some of them could appear over the 4.5 billion years of earth’s history. And then for all life on the planet came death. If celanova — like bulanovoi 2017 — produced gamma-ray burst in the direction of the Earth, this stream of high-energy particles would have destroyed life on Earth.