The open-heart surgery in the street — is it possible?

Operation open heart is a challenging task that require the most sterile conditions and limit the concentration of surgeons. Unfortunately, sometimes these conditions cannot be fully observed, as people can simply die on the way to the hospital and the operation to spend on the spot. In such a situation recently were the doctors of the English city of Durham — a man received a knife wound that required immediate open heart surgery. Did the surgeons do it?

A rescue team led by surgeon Chris Smith got to the scene in just 15 minutes, and it’s all thanks to the developed infrastructure and the availability of helicopters. The surgeon was afraid that the man will not survive the flight to hospital, and therefore decided to conduct a heart surgery right in the middle of the street. In such circumstances, to assure sterility and the maximum concentration is, of course, was impossible.

Fortunately, rescuers managed to make two holes on both sides of the man’s chest to release the air. The surgeon then cut through the chest and exposed heart, it turned out that it was a blood clot. This happened due to the fact that a knife wound had damaged the pericardium — tight bag, in which is placed the heart. Despite the complexity of the operation, the rescue team successfully stopped all sources of bleeding and restart the heart.

Though male and received injuries that will affect the quality of his life, he was still alive. According to Chris Smith, this case proves the importance of a quick arrival of rescue teams at emergency incidents. Fortunately, engineers from around the world actively create the transport, which is able to reach even the most remote places. For example, the company Equator Aircraft recently showed a test flight of its amphibian P2 Xcursion.

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