Tesla learned to order the parts yourself

The company Tesla has released a new software update for its electric cars, giving last opportunity to diagnose the integrity of parts and if the client wishes to make their own pre-orders for new items, reports Electrek, who managed to get an official comment from the American manufacturer of electric cars.

If the vehicle sees a fault in any node, they can order the right item at the nearest to the client an authorised repair centre. The owner of the car can make to your schedule in a special Supplement Tesla a note about the need to visit service center, where to this point it will have to wait for the item to replace.

Earlier this year, the Executive Director of Tesla Ilon Musk said that “high-quality and convenient service is a top priority” for the current quarter in the company’s life.

“I would like to recall one important detail. This quarter we have substantially improve the quality of services we provide,” said Musk at an internal meeting.

For this purpose the company has already launched a number of initiatives. For example, improved the efficiency of the chain of production and delivery of spare parts for its electric cars to end customers, simplify operations to provide replacement of broken car owners have improved the quality of technical support, including those associated with automatic calling a tow truck in the case of serious breakdowns and so on.

The company noted that at detection the automatic diagnosis of broken parts, the owner of the electric car will be able to cancel the pre-order necessary parts, but add that the way Tesla wants to automate emergency maintenance and repair of their vehicles.

The company compares this feature with the ability to “skip visits to the doctor and go immediately straight to the pharmacy for needed medicine.”

This here is an interesting proactive approach to maintenance of its electric cars, which will probably allow you to quickly return a broken-down car running again. I only wish Tesla had not yet learned to repair itself. But, I think, already close.