Tesla cars will be less likely to create emergency situations on the oncoming lane

The owners of Tesla cars can get an advanced version of the autopilot just by paying extra money, but based on the it security functions are free of charge. Production models are able on their own to make emergency braking and to prevent a side collision. Now the owners of two security features that prevent a head-on collision in case of accidental release into the oncoming lane and occasional trips to the curb.


Additional security features operate even if you disable the autopilot. At the moment the update was released only for the Tesla Model 3, but soon it will apply to all cars post October 2016. This means that functions need equipment Autopilot 2.0 and above.

Increased safety of the Tesla

The first of the new functions supports the preservation of lanes. If the vehicle begins to leave her system and notices that the driver’s hands on the steering wheel, he begins to give notification of the danger. If the driver continues not to take the control in their hands, the vehicle is slowed to 25 miles per hour, and includes emergency lights.


The second function is triggered at the check-out lanes, and detects a possible collision, or when the car pulls up close to the edge of the road. In these cases, the car returned to its lane. This feature is activated whenever you turn on the car, but the driver can turn it off in settings.

Recently, Tesla has made more extensive changes to their cars. We are talking about the release of new versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X, which have an increased cruising range with the same batteries. As the manufacturer was able to achieve this, you can read in our material.