SpaceX postponed the simultaneous launch 60 satellites

Company SpaceX intends to launch Earth satellites 12 000 for the creation of a world Internet project Starlink. The first half of the devices will be launched in the next six years, and one of the first launches from Cape Canaveral in the United States was to be held this morning, may 16. Satellites in the amount of 60 pieces were loaded in a fairing of the launch vehicle Falcon 9 was ready for flight, but the mission had to be cancelled due to strong winds in the upper atmosphere.

This was announced during the live broadcast of the event. Initially the weather seemed ideal and the company was sure to run to 80%. However, it was later revealed that strong winds in the upper atmosphere can interfere with the successful execution of the mission, and the launch was postponed for another day — the new launch window opens on Friday at 5:30 am Moscow time.

For previously published images, it was noticeable that the Starlink satellites have a rather impressive size. It is now known that the mass of each of them is 227 kilograms, so the total weight to orbit the Earth of the load is 18 tons. This is a record for SpaceX — load her missiles never launched.

It is noteworthy that the first Starlink satellites have limited functionality. They are equipped with engines of the Hall and is able to move along the orbit, as well as contact with the Ground, but to establish contact with each other until they are incapable. In 2019, the company will hold a few more runs, which will certainly be withdrawn the more advanced version of satellites.

Read more about what opportunities have satellites Starlink, you can read in our material. For example, they can Dodge space debris and to change its location thanks to the navigation system Startracker.