Ravencoin — new cryptocurrency, which I love miners. Description and features of mining RVN

The cryptocurrency market back on the horse. After a protracted recession in 2018 Bitcoin gradually updates the local maxima and drags the rest of the market. Along with this aktiviziruyutsya miners, for whom the profits from mining coins is already significantly exceeds the cost of electricity. One of the favorites of the owners of GPU farms is Ravencoin. Coin gives a good profit, while digging it is possible on almost all cards. Get acquainted closer.


Overview Ravencoin RVN

Ravencoin is a relatively young project, launched on 3 January 2018. The coin is a fork of Bitcoin, that is, to create used code of the main cryptocurrency. The developers took care about the distinctive features and even has set a global challenge. We are talking about maximizing real cases applications of the blockchain. In other words, the gradual introduction of technology in the lives of ordinary users.

Now about the etymology. The coin is named in honor of the Raven: here is the inspiration for programmers was the “Game of Thrones”. In the series, birds are the messengers of truth. Ravencoin will also be on guard the truth: in his case, the blockchain will prove the ownership of a particular asset.

RVN distinguish between Bitcoin the hashing algorithm, here is the X16R, not SHA256. The network of protected coins from ASIC miners, which pose a real threat to decentralization projects. Also important is the openness of the developers: they don’t hold own funds, not to send a certain percentage of new coins and not mainily RVN to run the project. Everything was fair and square.

Course Ravencoin RVN

Today for RVN offer 5.73 cents. A month ago the exchange rate of coins was 6 cents, so the growth of Bitcoin in the Ravencoin not affected. While the cryptocurrency is in the top 50 of the world ranking coins.

Record the value of the RVN recorded at the end of March 2018. Then the rate was 7.3 per cent.


The capitalization of the project is equivalent to 203 million dollars. The turnover is of 3.55 billion coins the maximum amount is limited to 21 billion. The list of exchanges to buy RVN is listed on the official website of the project.

Wallet for Ravencoin RVN

For coins wallets. Many supported platforms: Windows, MacOS and Linux. iOS and Android too. All references here.

Miner to Ravencoin RVN

For the extraction of the desired program, and each manufacturer has its own graphics cards. The Nvidia GPU fits T-Rex, and the AMD — SGMiner. Download them here as an archive. Password 2miners.

As mine Ravencoin

In the network of the coin blocks are in a minute, reward — 5000 RVN. Dig Ravencoin recommend on 2Miners, and it can be done together with other users in the pool (PPLNS), and in SOLO.

To start the production editable .bat file from the archive and set your wallet is YOUR_ADDRESS. It is need to earn coins fall at.

For Example, RHUC17zAVjNqXDtkqwLPRvQ2XgoRZsXeeg.

Then, changing RIG_ID, that is, the name of each card. It will be displayed in the statistics and will help to detect the source of problems in case they arise. Here use not more 32 characters. Fit the Latin alphabet, digits, and characters “-” and “_”.

For example, rig-1.

If successful you will see the following.

The profitability of mining Ravencoin

To estimate the potential income from mining RVN will help calculator mining 2CryptoCalc. For example, take the 232 Mh/s, which correspond to eight Nvidia 1080Ti.

Profit with this equipment would be about 7.4 per dollar per day or 124 RVN. If rate rise, the yield will also increase. By the way, last week he jumped very well.

The main charm of RVN — small requirements. Dig the coin even on Nvidia 1030, that is, it is perfect for the first steps in mining. In addition Ravencoin on most of the top crypto-currency exchanges, so the problems with the sale of coins after their extraction will not occur. Results of meeting with RVN share in cryptodata of hontarov. To better understand the topic of cryptocurrencies, read the Bible from 2Биткоина and subscribe to the Telegram channel resource.