New Zealand traces of ancient giant bird without wings

Planet earth looks a huge ball with lots of secrets and surprises, because it is difficult to imagine how many more ancient structures and remains of animals have open scientist. Some of the finds made even ordinary people — recently a resident of New Zealand walked their dogs along the river Coburn, and noticed it on the bottom huge the traces of some birds. The man immediately contacted the Otago Museum, where staff gently pulled out casts on the surface and told of an ancient bird to which they belong.

For starters, we should tell you about the method of extracting footprints of a huge bird. They were at a certain depth, so arrived the researchers had to dive under the water with snorkel and fins. After examining them, the Museum staff had cordoned off the river and dried up the area you want to pull part of the bottom to the surface without damaging the structure of the print.

I went out with his snorkel and mask, wet suit, dived into the water and looked at the prints — they were just stunning. They are much better than in the pictures and it’s a super special find, — said the employee of the Museum Kane Fleury.

Experts quickly recognized the signs — they belong to one of the individuals of the MoA bird, which lived in New Zealand until about 1500 years. The height of some representatives of this species reaches 3.6 meters, weight reached 250 pounds. They eat vegetation and was considered a great prey for the Maori natives, which they destroyed. It is believed that because of the abundance of people and predators, birds were doomed to extinction.


Representatives of the Museum said that this is the first traces of the MoA bird found on the South island of New Zealand. On the Northern part of the traces were found before all of them was at least ten pieces. New traces have been deposited in the Otago Museum — they will soon be exposed.

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