Las Vegas has ordered from Elon musk underground tunnel from Boring Company

Since then, as CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk joked on Twitter about the Boring Company (“boring/drilling companies”), two and a half years. But now this young technology company exists and is engaged in the construction of tunnels already dug one (test) hole in the Parking lot of the suburban headquarters of SpaceX in Los Angeles; participated in at least one high-profile press conference with the mayor of Chicago; promised fans the Dodgers that they will be easier to get to their seats; sued two neighbors in Los Angeles (who did not want the tunnels in the house; and have completed at least two formal environmental review for projects in Maryland and Los Angeles.


But never have Boring Company was not paying customers. Up to the present moment. Under the Wednesday evening, the Board of Directors Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority voted to give Boring Company a contract worth 48 675 000 US dollars for the construction of the 1328-foot transtensional version of the public transport system Loop, which the company develops, inside the expanded, renovated Convention center in Las Vegas, which is now actively under construction.

Boring Company received its first order from Las Vegas

System Loop (“Loop”) consists of 8-16-local Autonomous electric cars with battery-powered, designed to deliver people from station to station speeds of up to 250 km/h System in Las Vegas will have to carry not less than 4400 passengers per hour between exhibition centre and South halls — about a 20-minute walk away.


Boring Company also promised to build a system of escalators or elevators for each of the three stations, pedestrian entrances and exits, lighting of tunnels, power supply systems, video surveillance systems, dispatching system and mobile telephony, Wi-Fi, intercom and ventilation. Convention center hopes to coincide with the opening Loop to the consumer electronics show CES 2021.

The mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman was the only Board member who voted against the agreement with the Boring Company. In the bidding process, Goodman asked the other members of the Board of Directors to consider a more expensive offer to another company Doppelmayr. “Doppelmayr exists 125 years,” Goodman wrote in the letter. “They already have projects that work successfully. Boring only 3 years and it is still nothing showed in completed form.”

Specialists in the design of tunnels, questioned ambitious plans Boring Company. Musk, who has made traffic congestion one of his missions, wants to accelerate the drilling of the tunnels 10 times and cut costs 15, partly due to the reduction of the diameter of the tunnel and automate the boring parts of the process. But critics do not believe that the company will be able to create your project as cheap as promised. It has not yet shown a specially constructed drill machine for tunnels, while Musk claimed that would be putting it together this year. And in December, when the company opened its Boring prototype Loop with a length of 1.6 kilometers in a test tunnel in Los Angeles, riders said the trip was bumpy, and the maximum speed was only 90 km/h.