Hyundai introduced a large two-storey bus is 70 passengers

Today, many global automakers are moving towards reductions in emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, producing environmentally friendly solutions in the form of fully electric personal and public transportation. Not far behind in this area and the South Korean company Hyundai Motor. Another step to reduce pollution will be the production of a two-story all-electric bus that the developer presented yesterday at the scientific and technical exhibition of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair 2019 (Tech Fair).


Environmentally-friendly public transport

“Double-deck electric bus is an environmentally friendly vehicle that is optimized for today’s global environmental trends. This transport ultimately, not only will significantly improve the ecological situation in the cities, but in the best way to change the problem of city traffic due to its ability to carry for one train significantly more passengers than conventional buses”, — said the representative of Hyundai bien Woo Hwang.


Massive double-Decker bus length 12,99 meters and a height of 3.99 meters has an independent suspension system on the front axle, which improves the comfort level when driving. According to official data, the new bus developed by the company within 18 months, capable of carrying up to 70 passengers. The first floor will have 11 seats, the second 59. Unfortunately, the company does not specify the number of standing places, but it can be assumed that the potential of the South Korean “doubledecker” is able to carry up to 80 passengers.


In addition to the regular seats in the bus has space to accommodate two wheelchairs. For the convenience of passengers with disabilities there is an automatic retractable ramp and the floor of the bus is low enough in relation to the road.

The company notes that its engineers have agreed on the operation of the control system of the rear wheels with a similar system for the front axle, thereby achieving significant optimization of the characteristics of the steering.

Autonomy double-Decker bus Hyundai unit delivers high-performance polymer batteries with water cooling capacity of 384 kW·h According to the manufacturer, the cruising range of the electric bus on a single charge can be up to 300 kilometers, and fully charging the battery takes only 72 minutes.

The manufacturer also notes the novelty of a number of technologies, designed to simplify the drivers problem to manage this machine:

  • Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) — optimizes internal systems, stabilizing the position of the vehicle on a road, improving dynamic performance;
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) — uses the front camera to detect obstacles on the road and helps to avoid the impact through Autonomous braking;
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) — detects road markings and helps to avoid congresses on an oncoming lane;

With regards to the start of production of double-deck electric buses and the timing of their operation, the company unfortunately did not elaborate. Most likely, the first copies of the bus will appear in the cities of South Korea.