GetContact: always know who’s calling

GetContact – known service that allows you to identify unknown numbers and offering a wide range of features: notifications about spam before adding a contact to blacklist. The application was submitted in 2018 and immediately became popular because users appreciated the simple interface and ability as reflected in numerous reviews. Today Getcontact leader among free apps in the Russian App Store, and Google Play takes the seventh position. The number of app users is in the millions.

The service

  • Search for the subscriber according to his telephone number. To find the desired contact, just examine the directory service.
  • Annoying caller? To protect yourself from Intrusive calls, you can add a contact in black list.
  • A spam notice will help to protect yourself from fraud. To contact was flagged as spam, you need to leave appropriate feedback. However, this does not mean that any subscriber may fall into this category. The service analyzes millions of users ‘ views, and based on the results of the decision.
  • Tagging allows you to see the profiles of subscribers who are trying to contact You. It’s anonymous and is relevant only for other users – this means that You will not be able to assign tags to yourself. Tags can be viewed and managed from your personal profile (located in the “Other”section).


  • With simple and intuitive interface with the service easy to work with. So, the “Add tag” will allow you to assign tags, and using “abuse” button You will be able to block a call that is marked as spam. The developers made a bet on minimalism and simplicity, so bright décor replaced by a concise design and dimensional descriptions – action buttons and icons.
  • The app’s registration process does not differ from registration in the other services. You need to enter personal data: name, email address and mobile phone number. Just a couple of minutes!
  • Users can choose between two ways of using the service: free or subscription based “Premium service”. In the second case, You will have more useful features. To pay for the subscription services either directly or through application stores (App Store, Google Play).
  • Premium package includes three subscription plans: Premium, Business, Exclusive. These solutions are suitable for both private use and for the development of small and average business, individual entrepreneurship. The user can at any time to lower or raise your rate plan.
  • GetContact does not identify the hidden numbers. They are run by the operators.
  • The app can be used on the computer. For this you need to open a service on phone and in settings choose GetContact Web.
  • The service has its own service support. If You have any questions, You can email the experts e-mail ([email protected]).


Privacy and data security are the main values GetContact, which is reflected in the policy service:

  • Each user needs to verify your number. For this you need to enter one-time PIN-code;
  • Service identificeret subscribers who have consented. Numbers that are not in the directory contacts that are not determined;
  • With the app unable to work, persons 16 years of age;
  • To service has gained access to Your information, You must give your consent;
  • The app provides automatic collection of certain data: IP address, information about the device from which You entered the service, geolocation, Analytics, etc.;
  • The developers offer the opportunity to activate the service via Facebook. In this case, the application uses Your information, which is in the public domain: gender, age, photo, name;
  • Personal information is not disclosed and not published. It is used for personalization, feedback, research, etc.;
  • Security of information is ensured by the HTTPS Protocol.

User reviews

Users from different countries have notedthat the GetContact helps them to protect privacy and to prevent Intrusive calls unwanted contact or spam callers. Managers, offering various products and inviting to meetings, the crooks who write off large sums for the call, won’t bother You again! And thanks to the “Black list” of how to ward off strange colleagues and is too active fans.

The app works and Vice versa. Many people don’t answer unknown numbers, but is likely to miss an important call, for example, from school or kindergarten, clinics, etc. With GetContact You’ll always know who’s at the other end.