Flying taxi will clear the roads of traffic jams — the first flight already done

In the world there are several companies who want to create a flying taxi service. One of them is the German firm Lilium Jet, which in 2016 have declared their intention to create electric aircraft, with five passenger seats, which can easily cover long distances on a single charge. Its prototype has already been created, and recently demonstrated its operational capability during the test flight. It is possible that the company will indeed reach its goal and will launch in 2025.

Taxi Lilium Jet runs completely on electrical energy, so it is able to not only clear roads of traffic jams, but also help to clean the air from harmful impurities. Its design consists of two fixed wings and a few dozen jet engines. On the front of the machine with 12 fans, while the wings 24 pieces. Jet engines can change their orientation — this feature provides both vertical and horizontal flight.

The developers claim that in cruising flight mode with constant speed motors use only 10% of the maximum engine power. The maximum speed will be 300 kilometers per hour, and range on a single charge — about 300 kilometers. Thanks to all this, is 55 minutes by car from the Airport of a name of John Kennedy in Manhattan, passengers will be able to fly through the route in just 5 minutes.


The company recently published a video with the first flight of the Jet apparatus Lilium, which took place may 4 near Munich. Of course, a full flight can not be called — he took to the air without pilots and passengers on Board. However, the company deemed the flight a success — he will be the starting point for the next test.

Other companies such as Airbus, had previously shown a more spectacular flight. For example, at the beginning of 2019, she conducted a test flight of a flying taxi Vahana — on a height of 64 meters, he reached a speed equal to 57 miles an hour. Watch the video of this test in our material.