Evolution conducted an experiment, creating a dinosaur with bat wings

For many years it was believed that dinosaurs were covered in scales — which is why the artists portrayed them as huge reptiles. However, recently researchers have begun to find increasing evidence that the inhabitants of the ancient Earth was feathered creatures. Apart from them, as it turned out, evolution has also created the “experimental” types who didn’t live long — a newly discovered dinosaur Ambopteryx longibrachium, for example, had wings, covered with leather.

This kind of ancient creatures belonged to the family of scansoriopterygids — small dinosaurs, resembling parrots or bats. The length of the body Ambopteryx longibrachium, who lived about 163 million years ago in what is now the Chinese province of Liaoning, was only 33 centimeters. With all this, his weight was around 200 grams.

Unlike other members of the family, discovered the species had feathered wings. Instead he had long, thin fingers, along which stretched the membrane is the same structure of the wings can be seen in modern bats. The researchers believe that these wings were not evolutionary to continue, and in this natural experiment won the feathered covering of the wings.

Most interesting is that this is not the first dinosaur with a similar wings. In 2015, Chinese paleontologists found another member of scansoriopterygids, and gave him the name Yi qi. But found the dinosaur is definitely not true for the same species, because their skeleton, there are notable differences. In particular, it is about wider and longer front legs and a short tail with fused vertebrae at the end.

If you are interested in paleontology, I recommend you to watch two videos on the subject. In the first you can look at a young tyrannosaurs, the body of which was covered with feathers. The second video shows the robotdemonstrating how dinosaurs learned to fly and became the ancient ancestors of modern birds.