Donor kidney first brought the drone

Drones can deliver donor organs to recipients faster than traditional methods of transportation, which increases the likelihood that authorities will still “fit” to the moment when they reach their goal. Last week, a drone has delivered a donated kidney from one hospital to surgeons at the Medical center of the University of Maryland for five kilometers. Then the kidney was successfully transplanted into a patient with renal insufficiency. This is the first time a drone used to deliver organ transplant.

Drones and donors

The kidney recipient was a 44-year-old woman from Baltimore, who spent seven years on dialysis prior to the procedure. After a few days she was discharged.

The drone was a specially built model with eight rotors for stability. The University created a special device that can measure and maintain temperature, atmospheric pressure,vibration and location in order to ensure that the body will be in best condition during the flight.

Before the test the research team prepared the saline, blood and other materials. However, this is not the first case when a drone used to deliver medical supplies that need to kept in carefully controlled conditions. For example, drones have brought the drugs to Ghana and vaccines in Vanuatu.

However, the transportation of organs are especially sensitive. Organs can survive only a few hours outside the body, so timing is crucial. Perhaps drones are the only normal solution in this case.