Dominate, conquer, humiliate: rodents use carnivorous plant as a toilet

Planet Earth is rich not only amazing animals, but also plants. Take, for example, carnivorous pitcher plant called Nepenthes Rajah, it reaches relatively large size and mostly eat insects or small rodents. However, some of its species grow in regions with a small number of insects, so they had to develop a rather unpleasant and humiliating for them a way of power — they attract rodents and extract nutrients from their feces.

Scientists have always wonder why these plants produce such a huge amount of nectar. From the time when people ask this question, it took more than one century, and a supposed answer has been found just now. It turned out that with this nectar, they attract tree shrews, which come to eat them and mark my territory a waste of life.

Unlike its relatives, this species Nepenthes Rajah has a more rigid structure able to withstand even large rodents. According to genetics Chris Thorogood, the shape of the plant directly contributes to the capture of foreign things, including water and fallen leaves. But special attention is still paid to the feces of rodents, scientists know that they are rich in vital for carnivorous plants with nitrogen and phosphorus.


What happens between rodents and carnivorous plants, is a win-win situation for both parties. It is noteworthy that it is not only in the nature of a similar case previously, researchers have opened a special plant, which is similar eats garbage, but bats.

Other unusual creatures of our planet can also be considered the OS that can turn the spiders in most of these “zombie”. About how they do it, read our material.