Blue Origin will launch and put the rocket New Shepard

Blue Origin will launch its suborbital New Shepard rocket and crew capsule under test start (yet without people) from the site of the company in West Texas. The window for takeoff will open at 9:30 a.m. EDT (16:30 GMT). The mission will send 38 scientific experiments, including nine from the NASA Flight Opportunities program, and they will spend a few minutes in microgravity.

The launch of the Blue Origin New Shepard-11: live


One of the commercial cargo placed courtesy of New Century Technology High School from Huntsville, Alabama. This experiment will study temperature changes in microgravity, and students will be given the opportunity to work on the design of the experiment and NASA engineers.

Because Blue Origin plans to begin passenger suborbital tourist flights in the end of this year it will probably be one of the latest flight tests, before the missile system will begin to transport people.

Specifically, today’s scientific mission, as well as all flights are New Shepard will take place from the company’s facility in Western Texas, approximately 50 kilometers North of the city of van horn, Texas.

The missile BE-3 New Shepard will take an unmanned capsule New Shepard Crew Capsule and scientific experiments with it to suborbitalabove the line of Pocket — 100-kilometer mark, the internationally accepted border of space.

After the withdrawal of the capsule into space, the rocket separates from the capsule and sent to Earth, where falls three kilometers from the launch site on a deployable support.