Archaeologists have unearthed one of the oldest Egyptian fortresses

Archaeologists continue to make amazing discoveries in the Sinai Peninsula was excavated one of the oldest fortresses. According to the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities, a team of archaeologists unearthed the remains of two towers and found traces of an 85-meter wall. According to their calculations, the structure was built somewhere in the 664 610 BC, during the XXVI dynasty. This is a very important discovery, because it allows you to better understand the development of Egyptian fortresses and gives an idea of the strategic importance of the Sinai Peninsula in ancient times.

It is known that the Sinai Peninsula was very important for the protection of Ancient Egypt as it was a border area where it was possible to reflect attack on the part of present-day Israel. According to the researchers, the protective wall stood on a hill, and the total number of towers of clay brick amounted to 16 pieces. Probably, the fortress was built on top of the other unfinished buildings — comparing them, researchers can understand the evolution of protective structures of Ancient Egypt.

The fortress consisted of many rooms in which, most likely, the rest of the soldiers and kept the water. Near the walls were built small houses of clay bricks — one of them the archaeologists found a quartz amulet with the name of Pharaoh of the 26th dynasty.

It is believed that the fortress was destroyed during a long siege — this could be the Persian invasion in 525 BC. Archaeologists continue to research and hope to learn about the construction of the fortress more details. Likely, the finding will bring the tourists a great interest in the Sinai Peninsula.

Recently in Egypt is quite a lot of interesting discoveries. For example, recently archeologists discovered a cemetery with two sarcophagi that belonged to very important people. Read more about this discovery can be read in our material.