Toyota has opened a free access to patents to popularize hybrid cars

Five years ago, the founder of Tesla Elon Musk has announced that all its patents for electric cars are free for third party. By doing so, the entrepreneur has made a huge contribution to the popularization of electric transport with zero emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. In 2019, the same step will make, and Toyota became known that its 24,000 patents, including pending, can be used by other manufacturers.

Substantially all of its patents relate to hybrid cars, which may be an internal combustion engine and the electric motor. All of them were registered during the twenty-year cycle of research and development. In particular, we are talking about 2600 patents on electric motors in 2020 for the device to operate power vehicles, 7550 management systems, 1320 for transmission and 2200 on the charger.

It is expected that patent is particularly interested in manufacturers from China, because at the moment there is a particularly heavy air pollution. Toyota also intends to offer some companies pay technical support if their cars are used her signature motors, batteries, and other components.

According to the representative of Toyota, Shigeki Terashi, if within ten years the number of electric vehicles increase, they will become the standard. The company hopes to play in promoting a greater role.