The us military will take seriously the reports of UFOs

The naval forces of the USA are working on a new guide to its structure, so he reported “the appearance of the UFO” and other encounters with “unidentified flying objects”, according to Politico. We can say that the us military is seriously worried about the possible existence and, therefore, the meeting with the alien saucers. As sailors and pilots will receive the formal rules for how to report and analyze such “meetings”. Everything seriously.

Do UFOs exist?

Obviously, this does not mean that the U.S. Navy confirms the existence of extraterrestrial beings, as is suggested by the source. It just gives the military the opportunity to test the case for a formal Protocol.

“In recent years there have been a number of reports that unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft came in a variety of controlled military test ranges and went into someone else’s airspace,” reads the statement of the Navy of the United States. “Because of security reasons, the Navy and the U.S. air force takes these reports very seriously and investigate every report.”

Instead of ignore and discard the data collected during observations of UFOs and other “unexplained aerial phenomena” as the Pentagon calls them officially, the observations will be explored and examined by the staff —who is going to verify the data is unclear.

In 2017, the New York Times reported the Pentagon about the program at $ 22 million under the name of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that was supposedly devoted to the investigation of cases of UFO sightings. Perhaps future guidelines of the Navy can be the consequence and result of this program.