Obesity can lead to the destruction of the brain

The more scientists study obesity, the more they are convinced of their harmful effects on the human body. Researchers from the Netherlands found that the accumulation of fat in the body suffers even the human brain — reducing the number of gray matter leads to changes in its structure. The discovery was made in examining the results of the tomographic scanning 12 000 people, so his credibility no doubt.

Information about the state of the brains of obese people was taken from the Bank of biological material in the UK. The new study examined data of people aged 45-76 years, and they all demonstrated a clear relationship between obesity and changes in brain structure.

We found that a higher level of fat distributed through the body, is associated with smaller volumes of important brain structures, including structures of gray matter that are located in the center of the brain.

Ilona Dekkers, a radiologist

It is noteworthy that men and women have different nature. For example, men have to a greater extent the decrease in the volume of gray matter in General, including in the areas of the thalamus and hippocampus. Meanwhile, in women suffering only the region of basal nuclei — clusters of gray matter, responsible for the regulation of movements. In addition to the gray matter suffers and white, but on a microscopic scale — the consequences of these changes is not yet clear.

For all that the researchers do not deny that a causal relationship may be reversed. There is a possibility that it is not obesity affects the brain, and disorders of the brain lead to the accumulation of fat. To understand all this, it is important for scientists to do more research.

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