Microsoft called the rapid development of technology is dangerous for human rights

System face detection being implemented in airports, shopping malls and even deployed on the streets of huge cities. Mostly law enforcement agencies are buying them in such large companies as Amazon, which those are subjected to much criticism. During his lecture at Stanford University, President of Mictosoft brad Smith (not to be confused with the Director-General) said that recently they had to refuse the police in the implementation of their system in police vehicles. To do this, the company had a number of reasons.

According to brad Smith, the rapid development of technology helps government bodies to carry out total surveillance of people. Of course, technology can help in catching criminals, but it also could easily violate human rights. If you want, cameras with facial recognition system to hang in the streets even now, but if something happens to cancel this step will be extremely difficult.

The President of Microsoft drew attention to the fact that most artificial intelligence study of face recognition based on photos of white people. From this may follow that the police will be more likely to involve interrogations of people who were deemed suspicious for advanced system error. And this is only the beginning — all can reach that technology will be deployed throughout the country and violate the privacy of people.

A good example of where it may lead, is China. There’s a facial recognition technology embedded in even in school, and working as part of a system of social ranking. This has already led to negative consequences — for example, millions of people were deprived of the opportunity to travel.

With all this, Microsoft sees the face recognition technology and the pros. Yes, it has had in the implementation of the system analysis of human faces in the police cars, but were allowed to use it in prisons. In her opinion, where the benefits system is still there — in an enclosed space, making sure only a certain group of people, it can help in preserving order.