Indian army announced the discovery of traces of the Himalayan Yeti

Expedition military mountaineers of the Indian army, said about the discovery in the Himalayas traces of “Bigfoot” is indicated on the page of the Ministry of defence of India on Twitter. The Agency explains that the above-mentioned traces of size 81×38 cm was discovered by the expedition 9 April on the territory of Nepal, close to the peak of Makalu (the height of the world’s fifth peak), however, report the find at once did not become, having decided to conduct a series of tests by which results it was concluded that left tracks in the snow correspond to the descriptions presented in the theories about the existence in the Himalayas of humanoid creatures, called Yeti.

“The elusive Bigfoot have seen only once in the National Park Makalu-Barun”, — is reported on the page of Indian military on Twitter.

Local media in the defense Ministry explained that the footprints were photographed and the images transferred to the scientists. After the military decided to publish the photos to drum up interest amongst enthusiasts of the theory that Bigfoot exists.

It is to say that the users of Twitter are very skeptical of the statements of Indian military? First and foremost, many puzzled by the fact that the Yeti, apparently, one-legged and moves by jumping, or walking like a model down the runway – each new trace is constructed in line with previous.

“I don’t want to sound unpatriotic, but I think Bigfoot are not accustomed to walking on the catwalk, placing one foot in front of the other, as do the models. Unless it’s a one-legged Bigfoot” — writes a user Hemant Chandak.

Others point out that so far there is no conclusive research and evidence of the existence of Bigfoot.

“Organizations like yours need to be more responsible and careful before you declare it detects any signs of Bigfoot. On this subject have been many studies and none have provided convincing evidence of their existence,” write the users.

Very popular was the view that the presence of the mysterious traces can be explained less sophisticated way — for example, someone could pass this place on snowshoes.

It should be noted that the statements about the discovery of traces of the alleged Bigfoot from around the world are heard quite often. For example, in the United States, in the period from 1921 to 2013 in total was announced at least about 3313 such cases. However, despite numerous expeditions and research, strong scientific evidence for the existence of the Yeti scientists have still not found.