In the United States will cease to sedate cats for the study of infection, which will cause half the world

According to the latest estimates, up to half the world’s population are infected with the toxoplasmosis infection being transmitted Pets and wild mammals. So, in the US it media is every fourth person in Russia — one in most cases the disease is asymptomatic, scientists do not cease to study it in the US, for example, almost 30 years operated a programme of research of toxoplasmosis, which cats deliberately infected with a disease and after some time to sleep.

After the speech, activists and defenders of animals, the USDA finally decided to roll this program, the magazine writes NPR. According to activists, in the framework of the research, which lasted from 1982, cats not only specially infected with toxoplasmosis, but this made them eat the meat of other Pets. The organization of the White Coat Waste Project is reported that affected more than 3,000 cats.

Representatives of the Ministry of agriculture claim that the program reduced the prevalence of the disease in the U.S. is almost half — true, not lead any evidence or even time.

In Russia from working with experiments on cats abandoned in the 1980-ies, and studies of toxoplasmosis in this way, no one is. As reported edition infectious disease physician Kirillova E. N., this is not necessary, because even from acute toxoplasmosis most often heal on their own, without taking any medicines.

Help in the treatment usually requires pregnant women or newborns. The exception is people with weakened immune systems, including HIV. In other cases, the immune system itself is able to repel the infection.

Contracting toxoplasmosis is very simple, most often through contact with infected animals and use in a life of dirty kitty litter. At the same time, infection occurs by eating meat products and eggs that have not undergone sufficient heat treatment. The annual incidence of congenital toxoplasmosis is estimated at about 200 000 cases, with most concentrated in South America and countries with a low standard of living of the population.