In the Chinese desert, they built Martian base for children

In the middle of the Chinese desert, the Gobi appeared a simulator of the Mars base. However, instead of placing astronauts wishing to live on the red planet, this object is populated by teenagers. Surrounded by barren hills in the North-West province of Gansu, “Mars base 1” opened to the public, to introduce teenagers and soon tourists with what may be life on Mars. So China is preparing a generation of young.

Chinese base on Mars, in the middle of the Gobi desert

The opening of the facility took place against the backdrop of the relentless progress of China in space and trying to catch up with US and to become a space superpower. The government hopes to send people to the moon, as did the USA with the “Apollo” and intend to do so again in the current space program.

On a white base with silver domes is nine modules, including living quarters, control room, the greenhouse and the air lock.

Teenagers wear suits and go to the desert trekking, exploring caves similar to the Martian landscape. The nearest city Jinchang located about 40 kilometers.

Company engaged in this project, C-Space, planning to open a base for tourists next year. At present this educational institution. C-Space helps the astronaut Center of China and the China Intercontinental communication center. And while teenagers toy explore Mars, China plans to send a probe to the real Red planet next year.