Facebook accidentally left on controllers Oculus scattered reports

Facebook is actively developing its own virtual reality technology. In September 2018, it announced universal the Oculus Quest, and in early 2019 — an updated version of the device Oculus Rift. They are already here-here will arrive, but just noticed that the controllers in the consumer version has “Easter eggs” designed for developers. We are talking about the labels that are quite a able to scare the uninformed paranoid.

The head of the VR company division Facebook Nate Mitchell explained that the tens of thousands of sets Quest Oculus and Oculus Rift S are ready for sale, were the controllers with the “Easter eggs” from the time of prototypes. In particular, we are talking about the words “Big brother is watching you”, “There were masons”, “This place for rent” and even “Hey, look! We see you.” The last message addressed to the team of experts who test new devices to be repaired after they’re released.

Nate Mitchell said that such jokes in devices inappropriate, but to retract a sent party device company will not. In future instalments of such messages will not be because the manufacturer has changed the build process and made sure that these labels will no longer be updated. Words, of course, does not affect the functionality of a device — many buyers may not even notice them, or take for granted.

New virtual reality helmets are not yet available for purchase, but the first owners probably get these same instances with hidden messages. Well, they’ll be able to sell these copies with the “limited edition” at an inflated price.rare, these devices are hardly, because we are talking about tens of thousands of sets.