An aircraft with “air bubble” will provide cheap satellite launches

Almost any vehicle transport costs tons of money, especially one that can rise to great heights and used as a platform to launch space satellites. The Union of several private companies and University researchers has presented one of the most inexpensiveto these devices — machine “Phoenix”, which is used for flight same principle as fish to maintain its buoyancy.

He is like a huge airship with two wings — its length is 15 meters and the width is 10.5 metres. For movement by air, it uses a mechanism similar to the air bubbles in fish, that is, thrust is created by facilitating and weighting design and production of compressed air.

According to Professor Andrew ray the University of highlands & Islands, half the time the “Phoenix” is in a state heavier than air, and the other part is lighter than air. Constant transition between these two States is the source.

The fuselage of the vehicle contains helium, allowing him to climb, and it also contains an airbag, which admits and releases air. These movements propel the plane forward and contribute to the production of compressed air.

The device is almost completely self — sufficient energy required for operation of the pumps is provided by solar panels located on the wings and tail. The device with a similar design can easily be used as pseudo-satellites, and even as platforms for launching a small spacecraft.

The first flight of the “Phoenix” on the 102-metre distance was held at the factory in England. The developers want to make the machine to work freely at a height of 20 000 metres to generate energy, which is enough for several days in a row.