SpaceX first launched a manned spacecraft Dragon Crew to ISS

Here’s what was waiting for many years and that was postponed in the course of repeated transfers: the launch from the SpaceX Crew Dragon. Just from launch pad LC-39A space center. Kennedy in Florida (and from there flew Apollo and space Shuttle) flew the Falcon 9 rocket with the mission SpX-DM1. Along with it was sent into space in manned spacecraft Crew Dragon (Dragon 2) with a dummy Ripley (main character of the film series “Alien”) and headed to the International space station.

Live webcast launch was conducted on the NASA TV and SpaceX.

Crew Dragon went to the ISS

At 2:49 am (ET) — 10:49 MSK — Crew Dragon soared into the sky and spun in orbit 11 minutes later. Then SpaceX put their Falcon 9 rocket on one of the barges in the Atlantic — for the company this was the 35th successful launch. Capsule, which is now orbiting the Earth, will attempt to dock with the International space station tomorrow morning. This is a dress rehearsal for the astronauts on the orbiting laboratory, which will one day take place.

Crew Dragon is an important part of NASA’s program for the development of private manned spacecraft, which revolves around the development of private spacecraft to send humans to the International space station and back. In this programme, two companies — Boeing and SpaceX — are developing their own capsule that will deliver NASA astronauts into space and then return them to the Earth. But before the capsule can carry people, NASA wants to see transport in action.

Specifically, this time surviving passengers was not. But a smart dummy by the name of Ripley — equipped with sensors and dressed in a special suit SpaceX followed the situation. Sitting on one of the four passengers, Ripley collects data on how the flight may affect the human body. Live webcast SpaceX also gave a presentation on the status Ripley during startup. In addition, inside the vehicle was placed a small toy in the shape of the Earth, which floated in the air when Crew Dragon was in microgravity.

When Sunday morning Crew Dragon with Ripley on Board will meet with the ISS, the capsule will maneuver toward the station and try to join a free port. This dock was installed specifically for SpaceX and Boeing. Using a series of lasers and the software Crew Dragon identificeret docking adapter and join it yourself, without the help of astronauts aboard the station.

Predecessor Dragon Crew capsule Dragon — uses a different approach. Supplying materials to the ISS, the cargo version is approaching, and not pristykovyvayas. A crew member aboard the ISS uses the robotic arm to capture the cargo pod and deliver it to the port. Crew Dragon will be completely independent.