Oculus has unveiled a new virtual reality headset Rift’s

In the ongoing present moment in San Francisco developers conference Game Developers Conference (GDC), the company Oculus has unveiled an updated version of its virtual reality headset Rift, which should appear on store shelves this spring. The announced cost of a novelty of the Oculus Rift’s is $ 399 (which is $ 50 more than the previous version). The device reportedly will offer a number of useful improvements, among which, including higher resolution screens and integrated audio system (instead of invoice).

It is noted that in Rift’s it was decided to abandon OLED screens and use them instead of the same LCD panel used in a more budget version of the Oculus Go. It is possible to increase the picture resolution with 1080 x 1200 to 1280 x 1440 pixels. However, the refresh rate of the screens was reduced from 90 Hz to 80 Hz for each eye. At the same time, the field angle, according to the portal TechCrunch, has become a bit more in comparison with the original version of the Rift.

Package new headset will include two controller Oculus Touch. In addition, the headset got five cameras to sense the environment. The presence of an array of cameras, which the manufacturer called Oculus Insight, makes unnecessary external sensors.

Interestingly, in the development of improved virtual reality headset active involvement of the company Lenovo, which, as noted, is very unusual. However, as she says Oculus, “working together has allowed to increase the convenience of the headset more comfortable to distribute the weight, make it more impervious to external light sources and provide easy single-cable system for more comfortable use”.

To be able to enjoy all the pleasures of the Rift’s buyers, as before, will require a powerful computer. To check the compatibility of your system with the requirements of headset Oculus advises to use a special program that can be downloaded from the official website.