New dental fillings will allow less likely to go to the dentist

It would be really nice if dental fillings were unlimited service life. Unfortunately, because of the pressure when chewing and destructive influence of the microbes, they can last only 7-10 years. Very soon, this gap can be much expanded — scientists from the University of Oregon health and Sciences has created a new material and glue, which will allow seals to serve for longer than before. New seals will be more resistant than the standard two times, and it has been proven in a scientific experiment.

The main element strong of seals is torecan part that is used to impart wear resistance to the ship decks and vehicles. It is believed that its strength will be sufficient to protect from cracking, in addition to the natural destruction of the seal will prevent the formation of new cavities from exposure to germs.

The resistance of the new seals was proven during a six — month experiment-the whole of this period the sample was placed in a container that simulate the environment of the oral cavity. It turned out that compared with the relevant seals, the strength of the new connection is above 30%. Notably, a significant role in increasing the resistance played a new glue — it consists of polymers, which are not afraid of germs contained in the mouth enzymes.

According to Professor Carmem Pfeifer, thanks to new technology people will not have to visit dentists as often as before. Not only does this save money and hassle, but also to prevent serious complications that can arise if you ignore the problems with the standard seals. Of course, this does not mean that people can forget about routine checks to the dentist every six months.