Found correlation between poor oral hygiene and the development of cancer

There are many types of cancer and, despite the active development of universal methods of treatment, scientists are trying to develop drugs against only their specific species. A new discovery made by researchers from Columbia University that can help in the treatment of colon cancer — scientists have revealed the cause of his accelerated development and figured out how to slow it down. Many can scare the reason lies in poor oral hygiene.

The study showed that the accelerated development of colon cancer work-related bacteria, Fusobacterium nucleatum, which develops in dental plaque and is involved in the formation of periodontitis and caries. Initially scientists could not figure out exactly how it accelerates the growth of cancer cells, but in the study they found out that bacteria have a helper — protein annexin A1.

The protein annexin A1 interacts not with the bacterium, and its synthesized molecule FadA. Arises between them a reaction and stimulate the development of tumors, and they are the most dangerous and often fatal. The hunch of the researchers was confirmed in the analysis of data on 466 patients with colon cancer. Most of the data pointed to the fact that in people with the most severe predictions the protein concentration was the highest.

Fortunately, the discovery of the root of the problem has allowed scientists to begin development of a new method of treatment that hits the target. It is believed that the future method will be aimed at reducing the concentration of bacteria Fusobacterium nucleatum and blocking protein annexin A1. The researchers warned that maintaining cleanliness of the oral cavity does not give protection against the deadly disease for the development is influenced by many other factors.