With BMW it will be possible to communicate “as friends”

In 2018 BMW told about the concept iNext, following which she wants to make a car a favorite place of people. The engineers intend to achieve this maximally simplifying management music, air conditioning, navigation and other functions. The first step was made at the MWC 2019 — the company demonstrated the technology of Natural Interaction, which includes three means of communication with the car. The firm’s representatives claim that thanks to it, drivers will be able to communicate with artificial intelligence “as a friend”.

The three means of communication, Natural Interaction includes voice commands, gestures and attitudes of the user. The driver will not have to go to settings to select your preferred means — the system will self-detect the variant of and immediately execute the instructions. It is believed that the presence of multiple methods of communication with the car will save you from many problems: for example, in a noisy passengers filled the cabin the driver will be easier to make a gesture, than to say a command.

The list of features BMW Natural Interaction:

  • Opening and closing Windows and the sunroof;
  • Adjustment of vents;
  • Navigation infotainment system;
  • Getting information about institutions in the field of view of the car;
  • Information about the availability and cost of Parking.

Artificial intelligence will also learn the habits of each driver. Most likely, he will know in advance what method of communication will choose the driver and what function will be asked to complete that will significantly increase the speed of his response. In General, the idea is very similar to the concepts of “future car” of other companies — one need only recall project electric Mercedes-Maybach.