USA looking for a company that will burn tons of secret data

Huge volumes of data that are stored on military bases, not just drag to trash and delete. All equipment that store confidential information, subject to complete destruction. Best of all this handle the fire, so missile range White Sands in new Mexico have announced the search for a company that will be able to destroy its equipment the most reliable, and irreversible method. Judging by the requirements on the information carriers are kept very confidential information.

It is reported that at the disposal of researchers there are about 1.8 tons of it equipment, which include magnetic, optical and solid-state devices for data storage. According to the publication by nextgov, among the data stored within them can be information about the test systems ground weapons and research rockets.

The ad looking for a service provider to destroy the data indicated that all of the equipment necessary to “burn down”. On-site burning should be round the clock security and surveillance cameras with recording date and time. Transport equipment is only allowed Federal employees, and during the destruction of the territory should be sure to let the VIPs that deserve the maximum credibility.

Requirements for the service provider is extremely high, but this company certainly will be. After signing the contract, she will have just 10 days to destruction of data. It is expected that the burning process will take about 8-10 hours, and the contract will be completed until September 30.

Some of the data, it seems really can only be destroyed with fire. For example, in the beginning of 2018, we wrote about the virus Slingshot, which is able to monitor users. He has such strong protection that it cannot be removed by standard methods.