This robot is capable of everything, the main thing — to be able to teach

Today robots are able to entertain, help around the house and even look after elderly people. But is there among them one who knows almost everything? Developers from startups Ohbot has created just such a robot and gave it the name Picoh. In fact, this robotic “clean sheet”, which can be trained to perform those tasks that are necessary to the owner. Home helper? Voice assistant? Singer and dancer? From the robot you can do anything, but there is one caveat which may alienate some buyers.

The developers believe that the robot will perfectly show the owners how to operate many electronic devices in their home. The fact that initially Picoh practically nothing can not — it must be manually configured using programming languages Scratch or Python 3. This opens up opportunities, allowing you to connect the robot to the web cameras and cloud-based services, and use machine learning algorithms.

Unfortunately, the complicated setup might scare potential buyers. On the other hand, nothing prevents them to ask for help from friends of the developers and to get exclusive “smart” lamp or analog speakers Amazon Alexa. According to the developers, if you want a robot can be taught even to recognize a person’s face, to call him by his name, move behind him and move to the beat of the music.

The robot looks very simple and even a little intimidating. Its height does not exceed 10 cm, and the design represents the head and shoulders, but no torso. In his rectangular head with integrated programmable display that consists of 144 pixels in a grid of 16×9. In the small nose hidden touch sensor, and the role of the brain acts as a mini-computer Arduino.

In addition Picoh, on the market there are other programmable robots, but he has one attractive feature — the price does not exceed $ 130. Perhaps this will allow developers to snatch potential customers from competitors like robot Misty.

What do you think, would you be able to program the robot Picoh, and if not — he would be motivated to learn programming?