Russian space Agency has launched six satellites OneWeb to deploy global Internet

By 2021, a British company, OneWeb plans to launch into orbit 900 satellites. It is expected that thanks to them, to 2027, every inhabitant of the planet will have access to high speed Internet at speeds comparable to terrestrial fiber networks. On the night of 28 February, the rocket “Soyuz-ST-B” finally successfully launched into orbit six satellites, launched from Kourou in French Guiana. The launch was postponed several times due to various faults and fears.

Initially, the output of satellites into orbit was scheduled for 20 February at 00:37 Moscow time. The launch was delayed because the booster rocket was found a hole, from which could flow the helium displacing fuel. Then it was decided to launch a missile on 27 February, but this time with the surgery I had to wait because of messages about problems that occurred 21 during startup of the Egyptian satellites Egyptsat-A.

All this is happening against the background of how the company OneWeb is a concern to the FSB. It is believed that no one can provide complete assurance that its satellites are not equipped to conduct intelligence. About these concerns it was announced October 24, 2018 — then the Russian space Agency has any risk to lose one of the largest foreign customers for the last decade.

Meanwhile, the global Internet may not earn in Russia because of the requirements of the Ministry of communications to build ground stations to filter the data passing through foreign satellites. This requirement was extended to national security.

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