“Smart” prison of China will be equipped with robots and artificial intelligence

The correctional service of Hong Kong seriously intends to increase the reliability of their prisons with the help of high technology. According to the Commissioner, Danny Woo Ying-Ming in the near future, several correctional facilities will be equipped with “smart” cameras. Prisoners are also criminals will be under constant control thanks to the bracelets that track their location and heart rate. Moreover, prisons will be a special robots that will perform in the truest sense of the word dirty work.

New technologies will be designed to enhance the safety of guards and prisoners. At first they will be tested in three prisons. If they prove their efficiency, “smart” equipment will be distributed and other places of detention. Probably, the authorities want them to equip all of its prisons.

Camera with artificial intelligence will be installed in bathrooms. To ensure confidentiality, some areas of the footage will be blacked out. The system will monitor and detect “abnormal” behavior of the inmates like fights and painful attacks.

Bracelets will transmit the protection information about the location of each offender. Also they will monitor their heartbeat and to notify employees about the health problems. Most likely, this system will help to prevent runaways, murder, and sudden death of the prisoners.

Under the “robot” prisons involve a mechanical arm that will look for smuggled drugs in the waste. At the moment this dirty work are forced to do the prison officers.