Proved that the female brain remains young longer than men

That between male and female brains, there are structural differences, scientists have known for a long time. So, in 2017, researchers from the Amen Clinics have studied 20 000 photos of the brain and found that the female brain is much more active male. It turned out that when greater activity of the female brain besides longer retains his youth. This statement was proved by researchers from the Medical school of Washington University, having carefully studied the scans of positron emission tomography 205 people.

The discovery was made during estimation of metabolic rate in the brain of women and men. Two hundred photos were captured the brains of representatives of different sexes aged 20 to 82 years. In particular, researchers paid attention to the flow rate and oxidation of glucose, oxygen uptake and blood flow in 79 departments. When the metabolic indices were compared with the ages of the study participants by using machine learning algorithm “random forest”, it turned out that the difference between the real and the metabolic age of people ranges from several months to two years.

To obtain more accurate data, scientists decided to run the algorithm, dividing the data between men and women. It turned out that the metabolic age, the male brain is 3.8 years higher than for women. It is noteworthy that age did not depend on the number of proteins called beta-amyloid which is considered the cause of dementia and development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The study proved that the female brain remains quite young even in old age because of the minimal changes in metabolism. In the future, scientists intend to find out the consequences of such differences and, possibly, to increase the sample data to obtain more extensive results.

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