Oppo did not survive, and also showed his folding phone

Perhaps the wave of hype around the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, Vice-President of Oppo Brian Shen broke down and released their own pictures of a folding phone of the company. In his post on Weibo Shen made it clear that Oppo has no plans to ship a prototype of their device, unless there is severe demand, but the pictures show that the company is more inclined to design Huawei than Samsung.

Folding phone from Oppo: almost the same as Mate X

What is most interesting, our editors Renat Grishin and Mikhail Korolev personally visited the exhibition MWC and no foldable phone from Oppo is not seen. Wait, could you, on a wave of hype and Apple catch up?

On photos of the Oppo device is also visible is one large OLED panel that wraps around both sides of the phone when it’s folded and not folded inside. On the one hand there is also a thicker strap, which is placed in the camera and other components — it is also comfortable to hold.

Apparently, Oppo has also decided that the smartphone is easier to expand outwards. Samsung version also hides the tablet in the closed state.

Regardless, if Oppo decides to sell the phone or not, it becomes obvious that we have reached a point when such phones become relatively commonplace. Yes, now they are expensive because of Samsung and Huawei can afford to charge to 2000 and more dollars for their first flagship device. In the end, it is the first foldable smartphones available for purchase. But the technology is already ready, so we can expect that very soon the Chinese manufacturers bombarded the market with their crafts.