How background music affects creativity? The answer will surprise you

In the process of learning, work and creativity, many people prefer to put in background music. It is believed that it increases the productivity and human creativity, but a new study has shown that this assumption is incorrect. To prove this, psychologists from the University of Lancaster and other educational institutions set up an experiment in which volunteers were given the task for which you need to exercise maximum creativity. Every group of people have completed the task it in different conditions — the results were quite unexpected.
Several groups of volunteers were announced three different words, such as dress, dial and flower. The participants were required to find an associative word (in this case, the great “sun”) and combine it with the previous words to get new words — a sundress, a sun clock and a sunflower. One of the groups engaged in the task in complete silence, and the three groups were separated in different rooms with different music.

The researchers included three types of music:

  • Familiar, with the popular lyrics;
  • Unfamiliar, foreign words.
  • Instrumental, without words.

To everyone’s surprise, all three groups of people coped with the task much worse than volunteers from the quiet room. In the case familiar with music and creative abilities of people have weak depending on what mood conveyed by the music and liked them. Researchers believe that this result is due to the fact that music disrupts verbal working memory.

It is noteworthy that participated in the study and the people who performed the task in a noisy library. Their results were almost identical to those that happened in a quiet room. Researchers believe that the noise did not prevent the people due to the fact that it’s a pretty steady state for the environment, which is not confusing.

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