Access denied: top 7 best anonymous cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency — a difficult topic, so the myths in a niche rife. For example, many believe Bitcoin is completely anonymous coin, which leaves no residue. The true part: if you try and link the address in the blockchain with a real person, all his transactions will be clearly visible. So what can be done with all crypto-currencies. Get acquainted with those who hide the identity of users best.

Bitcoin and its ability to disclose their owners. Recently cryptomnesia and famous member of cryptocommunist Andres Antonopoulos called the first cryptocurrency “pseudoanonymous”. According to him, to keep his identity a secret for some time, but it will have to exert a ton of effort. Overall, the Bitcoin “is not the best thing for anonymity”.

To say the same about the coins from the list below will not work. They conceal volumes of transactions and interactive addresses, which go to the sender or recipient, not even psychics.


Grin — a new anonymous coin Protocol-MimbleWimble, which became headline news Jan. Core network cryptocurrency launched on the 15th-but during this time she took the first place among the most promisingwith a focus on privacy according to residents of different regions of China.

According to the developers on the main project, the coin will allow anyone who wants to save money and work with them without fear of external influence. For that Grin hides the addresses and transaction amounts. Transactions themselves are transferred privately between peers before the public announcement of the transfer of funds.

Important point — the Grin was launched without ICO, in addition, the developers delayed some of the coins in your wallet to start mining. In this regard, the representatives of the teams will be hoping for donations of users and regularly reminded about it.

Monero XMR

If you omit the hype over Grin, a leader among anonymous coins remains Monero. Privacy works here, by default, is achieved by activating the “ring” signatures, stealth addresses and confidential transaction RingCT. Transaction data is displayed only to the parties.


The network generates new combinations of addresses for each operation. This ensures confidentiality, but also affects the duration of the transaction. Recommend you mine Monero on a pool 2Miners. Dig like you can with the graphics cards and processor.


Dash is one of the most famous and old of cryptocurrencies. For example, in the world ranking CoinMarketCap data on it since February 2014. Then for the coin asked 21 cents, today the rate is at 67 dollars. By the way, peak price Dash to the end of 2017 exceed $ 1,500.

To stay afloat and in the top tens of the ranking coins by market capitalization help her additional functions. PrivateSend protects the confidentiality of transactions and balances in the purses and InstantSend spends on confirmation of payments not more than a second.

Besides, Dash was the first to receive support mastered.

Zcoin XZC

Zcoin — the first complete implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, which is responsible for anonymity. The system generates the number “R” and secret — “s”. Then they are used in cryptographic functions to generate the value “V” which enters the blockchain and ensures data validity. It turns out that to see the “V” can do everything, but to find the ends — no.

The main feature of the Zcoin is to support CPU mining — just like Monero. Solve the blocks and ensure the blockchain is possible even using the computer processor, that is spent on the farm is optional.

Zcash for

Zcash for working on the Protocol zk-SNARK, also known as proof of zero knowledge. In a nutshell, it allows you to confirm the correctness of information sent to the other party without displaying the data.

Zcash for default is not anonymous. To create a transaction with a zk-SNARK requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and running a full node as a precondition. The developers promise to work on this feature in the direction of simplification.


Another new project on the basis of MimbleWimble. All network data are hidden from prying eyes, and you do not need any additional conditions. Addresses and other private data in the blockchain, there is support for offline operations and integration of the hardware wallets. In addition, developers are not held ICO and remain, so all is fair and transparent.

The scheme works as follows: the user’s wallet creates a transaction in a secure channel and sends it to node. Participate in the signature wallets of sender and receiver, enables a Protocol Snorre. Noda confirms the transaction and sends it to the miners, and confirmed the block with the transaction extends the longest chain. It ends with a sync.


ZenCash has undergone a rebranding and is now called Horizen. He was born in the form of hard forks Zclassic, and also uses “superior form of technology zk-SNARK” and end-to-end network encryption. The coin was marked by the presence of Transport Layer Security (TLS), which provided protection not only at the Protocol level, but also within data packets.

The network help and masternode of two types: Secure Nodes and Super Nodes. Each species receives 10 percent of the compensation unit. 60 per cent of miners, and 20 — go to the Fund developers.


Cryptocurrency is the money of the future, which create the idea of it today. They can be used to send value anywhere in the world, not paying attention to the boundaries and established rules. Whether this will be enough potential to change the world? Whether it will be for the better? Share your opinion in the comments.