This is the first satellite that can be configured in space

Launched into orbit in 1962, communications satellite Telstar-1 allowed people to communicate with each other while in opposite corners of the planet. Unfortunately, the same space of the device, as in the days configured in advance and are not able to change the set of frequencies or the coverage area while in the space. French operator Eutelsat in 2018, announced the intention to fix this issue, bringing into orbit a British satellite Quantum with the ability to change settings directly from the Earth. The company has almost completed its development and is ready to run.

All this time, the Eutelsat Quantum forces developed by the British company Surrey Satellite Technology. He is almost ready for use — can only produce the final Assembly, which will take production plant of Airbus in France. The spacecraft will be fitted with equipment which will enable it to receive commands from Earth, being at anof about 35,786 km — that is where the geostationary orbit, in which satellites make revolutions around our planet.

Eutelsat Quantum will be the first satellite that will be able to divide the coverage area into several small areas and depending on the situation to change communication frequencies. Earlier for this it was required to develop a new satellite, to ask him new configuration and launch into space. The draft Eutelsat is able to significantly increase the lifetime of satellites, thereby reducing the costs of many companies. Also it will affect the purity of near-earth space — the smaller devices will run, the less trash will accumulate in orbit.

It is expected that Eutelsat Quantum will give an impetus to the improvement of communications satellites. The devices, which will involve similar technology, will be able to link certain areas of Land, ignoring the places where it is not needed. The exact date of the launch of Sputnik Quantum is still unknown, but the beginning of the final stages of Assembly alludes to the fact that it will take place very soon.