The world’s first “hotel robot” fired half robots

The world’s first “hotel robot” has cut half its staff-robots due to the fact that they could not cope with their responsibilities. Of the 243 cars were only half — the rest was replaced by people, because they considered their work more effective. According to the WSJ, problems arose very different, but most of them concerned the fact that robots cannot yet perform even a part of human responsibilities.

For example, the reception was decorated with two robots (the velociraptors) that was supposed to help with check-in. In fact all the work for them was done by people, because the machines were not able to make copies of documents. In addition, guests were greeted by a robot assistant that could not even tell you what attractions are around the hotel (it is now even capable of voice assistants).

The problem with robots-porters who could not work in bad weather, brought the Luggage in each room and constantly bumping into each other, losing precious suitcases. In the rooms also was not all plain sailing: guests complained that the robots awaken them at night.

Because the hotel in Japan was opened in 2015, the founders recognized that many robots are outdated, however even the current level of technology does not allow even 70% to abandon. Still the hotel business involves frequent communication with customers and solving their problems, that robots are simply not capable.

The hotel has several other high-tech solutions: for example, to get to your room after the procedure of face recognition. This eliminates the need to carry a key that can easily be lost. For those who do not want to use facial recognition technology, provided by magnetic key cards. Each room is equipped with radiant micro-climate system that uses electromagnetic waves to transfer heat from one object to another without heating or cooling between them.