The telescope “Hubble” has broken down again, and at the wrong time

Space Agency NASA on Tuesday suspended the work of the space telescope “Hubble” after the space Observatory was discovered the next hardware failure, not allowing the telescope to properly perform their tasks. It should be noted that this is not the first failure of Hubble, but the new does not come at the right time for NASA.

For 28 years the telescope he repeatedly had the problem. The last time was in October last year, when he was transferred to the “sleep” mode because of the broken gyro (the fourth of the six available).

The portal reports that this time Hubble broke wide angle camera Wide Field Camera 3, installed on the apparatus in 2009, when he worked the space Shuttle program, and is one of the four active instruments, used a telescope to locate and observe stars, planets and various space phenomena.


The camera is equipped with redundant electronic system, which can be used, however, it is not clear how long it might take to fix the problem. Three other cameras on the space telescope continue to function.

As stressed by the publication, the issue arose when funding Agency NASA, like other Federal agencies, suspended due to budget disagreements between the administration of U.S. President Donald trump and Democrats in Congress, so in any case will have to wait until at least until the policy will not resolve all your questions.

On his Twitter page, assistant Director of NASA’s scientific research Thomas Zurbuchen on this occasion said that “this incident serves as a reminder of two important aspects of space research: first, complex systems like the Hubble telescope, working only through an experienced team of experts, and second, all space-based systems is the deadline of operation, and such problems occur from time to time.”

In any case, the Agency follow the telescope, but NASA is now not enough people to fully analyze and solve the problem. Of course, the Agency could contact the departed on unpaid leave to employees in connection with a serious emergency situation, however, no evidence in favor of this option is not yet observed.

Launched in 1990 to orbit the telescope was named after astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953). The device is equipped with a 2.4-meter mirror, and various equipment, which allows him to observe the interested objects in visible, infrared and ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum.

The device has been orbiting the Earth for almost 30 years and it was planned to be replaced in 2013 using the latest space Observatory, the James Webb Telescope, but the latter still will neosoviet. The contractor in charge of assembling a new telescope, far behind schedule and already is many times followed the initially calculated budget. The main components of “James Webb” was collected only at the end of 2016, then began their tests. At the beginning of 2018, the launch of the most advanced space Observatory was moved to 2019, and in the summer of that year, it was announced that the telescope will be able to go into space not earlier than March 30, 2021.